New Long Hairstyle For Man 2016

Have long hair not only desirable women, but some men also want to mempunyair ramput long and fashionable. It is legitimate for men to have long hair. Currently, many long hairstyle that is intended specifically for men. Long haircuts for men and women are very different. Long haircuts for women tend to be more feminine and soft, long hair for men sendangkan further highlight the masculine side.

There are several types of long haircut that suits the character of the man. Here are some types of long hairstyles for men:

  • Skater boy look
    Haircut similar to this shaggy haircut is suitable for all forms of his face. The men are free to shape the style of this hair to look even better by applying hair oils or hair gel and comb it with your fingers to look presentable.
  • Long and wavy hair
    Men who have curly or wavy hair is very suitable for long hair models guy on this one. By utilizing gel will keep your hair curly or wavy hair into a neat longer.
  • Rock star look
    Another alternative for men who want long hair is a model rock star look. Using a vise after shampooing can help to shape this hairstyle. Adding wax or hair gel will make the hair look neat and masculine.
  • Man-tail look
    Having long hair for men does look cool but when the long hair that was very disturbing activities do not rush to cut it. The men can apply to man-tail look that hair look neater and make more attractive appearance. You do this by tying the hair backward kinds of horses.
  • Distinguished look
    By giving effect to the parts of the long hair will make the hair models become more distinguished look cool and masculine. Apply wax or hair gel to create awake hair straight.

For some people assume that men with long hair is synonymous with bad boy or bad. However, by applying the model of a man with long hair right will change the assumption that all the offset nature of good and polite and neat appearance will make the appearance of the man is not only handsome but looks authoritative, masculine and elegant.

Images Long Hairstyle For ManModel-Rambur-Man-Tail-Look Model-Rambur-Man-Tail-Look-2016

Best Short Hairstyles for Parties

if you are a teenager and want short hair hairstyles for a party you can choose the one that we show below.

The image you see below shows the different short hairstyles in the form of hair for a party. If we pay attention to the first woman we saw a haircut cute with her hair over her shoulders and moved from the center down. As we can see the hair as a fringe of side marking line that expose the face to fall to one side.

The second image shows the same style but with her hair pulled back, leaving a few strands to provide original and elegant touch to the hairstyle.

Apply a decorative element on the hair is also another option to use a good hair style for short hair to attend a party. Do end, tiara or crown, on condition that matches the color of your dress to see is a good idea to decorate the hair.

The image of the last frame shows a short wavy hair can make you look beautiful. Impeller includes several axes and raised the hairs on the back looks very pretty and intelligent.

For the use of short, curly hair, the image below is the most interesting to see the selection of the party. The large, well formed by the roots of curly hair has blonde hair perfectly adorn see this woman.

Tips for managing short curly hair for the party:

If you are looking for a short haircut looks with curly hair for a party and have fine hair, then we will detail step by step how to get curls to see the party:

  • First it is to clean the hair to start treating curly. To do this we have to wash your hair with cold water and shampoo made with natural elements. Hot water is not recommended because it makes our hair is thin and you can not appreciate the greatness of curly hair.
  • After that you have to dry and remove the residual water and shampoo, but trying to keep the hair wet because this way gain more volume curls and beauty. To achieve this you can resort to using a cotton towel around the hair to absorb excess water, dry completely hairless. It is not recommended to use an electric element that provides heat and hot air more than we can damage curly hair.
  • After drying, to keep moisture in the hair, we can use styling gel or cream and apply it on quite, because if we apply much hair can cause problems when making curly.
  • Using curling: First of all we must be clear about the size of the ripples we want, because there are several steps to build curly hair.

Image for Best Short Hairstyles for Partiesgaya-rambut-pendek-untuk-liburan gaya-rambut-untuk-menghadiri-pesta

Medium New Hairstyle For Chubby Face

Shoulder-length hair Model woman in the last year mostly used by women who have a round face, and the results can indeed be compatible with the shape of her face, but with the proper settings of course.

Well for those of you loyal visitors who have a round face and chubby cheeks on this occasion we will share Three types of shoulder-length hair that may be suitable for women a round face look more beautiful and funny.

Four Types of Shoulder-length Hair For Round Face Women

1. Shoulder-length hair style Korea
Korean woman famous for her beauty both in terms of body shape, skin and hair styles. Even in the case of pakaiannyapun interest by women in Indonesia. Well To form women shoulder-length hair korea many styles that can be used by women who face round. Because of the shape of the shoulder-length hair round face beautiful woman who can look more beautiful. Here is a sample of hair.

2. Shoulder-length Hair type Blonde Bob
Blonde Bob haircut is used by many famous artists abroad. beautiful hair model is already familiar to lovers female models shoulder length hair. type of hair near the temples in odel somewhat curly and pull back so the face can look more beautiful. Here is an example.

shoulder-length curls

3. Hair And Volumizing
You tell the international classroom singer Adele? nah With shoulder-length hair model models but in volume and curls, she looks very pretty and can amaze anyone who saw it. Hair is made of the volume of the lower side and rear and in making small curls. Here is an example of a shoulder-length hair Adele and other artists.

4. Hair Shoulder-length bangs
Women who face round also can wear bangs hairdo. Hair bangs that can be not only straight hair, curly or wavy hair can also be arranged in a ponytail. Now for more details, please note the following example.

Image for Medium Hairstyle For Chubby Facerambut poni sebahu 4 rambut poni sebahu 3 - Copy

New Short Hairstyle For Women Over 40

For men, the latest coolest men’s hairstyles and short hairstyles can style men see Spike. While for women, they can try the following mainly in their 40s, a woman hairstyle.gaya-rambut-wanita

Sporty woman hairstyle
Short haircut, sexy, no matter looks, if you want to try. We can cut their hair short and create a setting that seemed to be wild. A couple that we are satisfied with our new look definitely.

Bob haircut layer
For a hairstyle that difficult is not for style, a stylized bob rmabut layer could create. This classic style can be attributed to fit almost certainly any face shape. Coupled with bangs to the side, our face will look beautiful and younger.

Long bob with bangs
As made famous by Michelle Obama bangs with long bob is a wise choice for mothers hairstyle. Her bangs will make us look younger, no longer in his 40s. Moreover, if the fringe is made easy bent inward, we will look fashionable appearance.

Women shoulder-length hairstyle
If friends, including the shoulder-length hair may keep hair model selection may vary. Can be made grants in a ponytail or loose. With a middle parting, we are younger and charming.

Model long straight hair
For those who have long hair and straight-type, you can emulate the style of Jennifer Aniston. Hair combed edge and loosely cover both ears. The result will be amazing. A couple we would have praised the hair like this.

Lady Long Wavy Hairstyle
For those who have long hair with a wavy structure, can we parted in the middle and let her comb. Sexy impression caused by our long wavy hair that.

Women with a ripe old age does not mean to appear sober. Instead, we need to keep us well supplied. Hairstyles right woman can still make you look sexy. We performed well in all situations can

Short Hairstyle For Round Face 2016

Have a round face does have its own advantages and drawbacks. Especially for women, you must have noticed how everyday style. For matters of hair, hair pieces must be adapted to the shape of the face. Take for example if you have a round face, then you must choose which Model Short Hair for Round Face appropriate. Do not be sad if you have short hair, because fear can not look beautiful.Model-bob-layer-pendek-untuk-wajah-bulat

Precisely by having a short piece, you can easily select pieces that fit. A round face shape, can be tricked by a simple haircut. Election salon hairstylist and also will determine how the haircut. Instead, use the services of hairstylist when determining which style matches. They can give you where the latest trends are suitable for your round face.

Shown Elegant with Short Hair Model for Round Face
Surely you are curious, what can you choose from this haircut. For women who also have body fat, there are many short hairstyles for round face and plump and pretty to be selected. Among others are; using a bob style could be the first idea. This hairstyle is never look old school. If you want to look more gaunt, then combine with an additional layer bob hair on the hair. Extra layer will make the look more elegant. And covering chubby cheeks that sometimes interfere with performance.

The next style is the Beauty. What exactly is this hair style? If you want to have a simple style but still look beautiful, then use this model. It’s easy, short hair stay plus a layer on the hair. If the style over using layers in two parts, the style of the beauty wants to show a more free and fresh. Usually these pieces are widely used by young women, in their daily life. and coupled with color selection to the natural color of hair.

Shaggy models could be the next option. Shaggy haircut makes the hair volume according to face shape. This model could also use the event to show both formal and informal, without fear of a round face your problem. Add bangs aside, for the shaggy cuts, to make it look nice.

Hair Style Options where are you?
If you are still confused in determining the haircut, the following models are another option for short haircuts for round faces is bob hair parted in the middle. This option is suitable to cover a round face and look younger. Bob hair, make women do not have to worry to take care of him. Enough with the hair care with regular shampooing and using conditioner. Use a short haircut for round faces as a reference when choosing a hairstyle. You can look beautiful and attractive with the right haircut.