Recognize Early Signs Of Low Blood Pressure

Recognize Early Signs Of Low Blood Pressure

Recognize Early Signs Of Low Blood Pressure

Not only high blood pressure, low blood pressure can also be a serious problem for health. Low blood pressure or hypotension causes decreased blood flow throughout the body, including the brain.
Low blood pressure can trigger the onset of stroke and heart attack. To that end, recognize the signs early occurrence of low blood pressure as quoted from
1. Dizzy
Dizziness is the most common symptoms of low blood pressure. Dizziness can be felt when changing position, as it stands after a long sit down or moving on from a mattress.
2. Pass out
Fainting can happen due to falling blood pressure reduces blood circulation in the brain. As a result the brain lack of oxygen and loss of consciousness.
3. Blurred vision
Reduced blood flow to vital organs when low blood pressure. Lack of oxygen and nutrients causing organ function is not optimized, includeblurred vision.
4. not normal heartbeat
the heart is also the most affected when low blood pressure. The heartbeat becomes abnormal, such as pounding tight or irregular.
5. Pale skin
The lack of blood flow can also get to the outer layers of the skin. As a result, the skin can look pale or yellowed.
6. stiff neck Muscles
Neck muscles come into play a role in controlling blood pressure, heart rate and breathing. When tekanandarah declining, can cause a stiff neck muscle.
7. Sweat
Low blood pressure can cause loss of body fluids that come out through sweat. Reduce activity when sweat begins to overload followed by low blood pressure

Cute Short Hair Cut Styles 2016

Many modern women prefer to wear their hair cut short, especially those who do not have much time to spend styling and caring for long hair. Examples of these short haircuts is attractive, flattering, and require little maintenance daily:

Bob style

Bobs are cute short hair cut styles that have been worn by women for generations. Bob hair cut is usually the Chin-length to shoulder length and is a great choice for those who want short hair with lots of volume. Originally, bobs that are molded into a blunt, all-one-length style, although many variations and modifications of this style have been developed over the years. Bob styles can be worn with or without bangs, cut straight across or in layers, and angled to create asymmetrical appearance. The short hair cut is versatile and can be easily styled with just a bit of hair product. Rambut Model Terbaru

Pixie styles

Pixie cut haircut style that is close to the scalp. Kind of short cut works best for women with oval or heart-shaped face and small, defined cheekbones. Pixie hair styles are usually very short in the ear and neck, with layers of different lengths in the Crown. Women who want to accentuate their facial features with a shortcut that requires minimal day-to-day styling is a good candidate for a cute Pixie style and eye-catching. Pixie cuts should return regularly-shaped in a salon, depending on how fast an individual woman’s hair grows.

Spiked styles

Cute short hair cut styles with spikes are ideal for women who are daring and adventurers who enjoy standing out in the crowd. Ranging from very short to several inches in length, spiked hair style can be formed into a dramatic view of the “punk” or worn in a more subtle way. Short haircuts with spikes can work for women with thick hair or thin and should be styled with gel products that are designed to keep hair firmly in place.

Shag styles

Shag haircuts, that are styled in a face-framing layers, can be modified to flatter women of all hair types and bone structures. Fuck perfect for women on the go, because this style is designed to look fashionable tangled and messy. Women who wear their hair in a short shag cut has a variety of everyday styles to choose from-shags can be adorned in back, blown dry for extra volume, or soft-shaped fall cheek. This hassle-free cut can be easily done with products such as hair gel, pomade or spray style. Baju Model Terbaru

Important factors that Influence Infant weight gain

Important factors that Influence Infant weight gain

Important factors that Influence Infant weight gain

Every baby is born with different body weight, as well as with its growth. But, generally, a baby will experience gaining weight rapidly in the first three months. After that, the weight gain will be decreased, not as much as before. Then, what are the factors affecting the rise of baby weight?

According to Dr. Wiyarni Pambudi, SpA, IBCLC, infant growth curves his Ascension is not linear. There are weight loss phases are not rising quickly. cara menghitung berat badan ideal

In the first three months after birth, the baby’s weight gain is indeed “speeding”, at least 700 grams every month or until a kilo a month. But then increase it flattens out in the next three months i.e. “only” 400 — 600 grams.

“When it’s ramps, Mama don’t expect to ride 1 kilo each month. Ancer-ancernya weight infants at the age of 5 months twice the weight at birth. While children aged 1 year, weighs three times more weight was born. That’s about it, “explained this pediatrician.

Influenced some aspects
When the baby’s weight did not increase, but instead decreased, please don’t panic just yet. The baby’s weight is influenced by various aspects, one of them an acceptable intake of infants. Well, this little one intake need to be distinguished; among babies under 6 months and babies over 6 months.

If a baby under 6 months, his weight did not increase, try to observe how the intake of BREAST MILK. Enough or not? For infants over 6 months with the same case, please note the intake plenum MPASI.

According to Wiyarni, in infants under 6 months his weight did not increase, don’t quickly give vitamins, let alone adding asupannya with infant formula. Not recommended also gives the baby food.

“Research has proven nutritional needs of infants until the age of 6 months are quite fulfilled with breast milk. He doesn’t need the formula also does not require food companion ASI, “stated Wiyarni.

Feeding of premature has risks, such as allergies, digestive because baby is still weak. In addition, if the baby has got extra food before the age of 6 months, menyusunya will be reduced automatically. Whereas BREAST MILK many give benefits such as immunity, and nutrition important substances needed by the baby.

What to do when the weight of the Baby Mama do not grow? Of course Mama need to promptly consult a doctor to find the cause of the little one’s weight did not increase.

Doctors generally will find out whether the way the milk or eat a little less precise, whether BREAST MILK/MPASI him insufficient, or there are indeed health disorders on the little one.

“If the problem exists on the feeding, then here’s how to be fixed. When her baby was sick, the illness should be cured. On the Mama needs her BREAST MILK not a maximum, can be consulted on the ASI counselor. “

Scrub Natural Insecticide Used For Cellulite

Scrub Natural Insecticide Used For Cellulite

Scrub Natural Insecticide Used For Cellulite

Experience the cellulite is a thing that can undermine confidence because its bumpy and uneven due to lumps of fat. A lot of people doing various ways for the sake of troubleshooting this is generally caused due to hormonal factors, body weight, exercise, and more rarely.
I need to know almost 90 percent of adult women have cellulite even children though. Cellulite mostly occur on parts of the body like the thighs, abdomen, legs and buttocks.
This condition can become worse when you get older. That’s why, you should do the proper handling, such as applying the cream is in store and select natural ingredients which are much more secure and reliable. manfaat sit up
You can apply some of the recipe by making a natural scrub to get rid of cellulite. Homemade scrub is better known for waging a blood circulation and makes the skin firmer.
The following powerful ingredients to create a natural scrub that effectively reduce cellulite reported by Boldsky.

3-4 tablespoons of coffee grounds
-2 tablespoons of almond oil
-2 teaspoons brown sugar
-2-3 teaspoons sea salt

Method of use:

-Mix all the ingredients together. Aduklah well to make rough paste.
-Apply the mixture on the whole affected area of cellulite
-Massage for about 5-10 minutes in a circular motion. Leave on for 20-25 minutes.
-Rinse thoroughly with warm water and apply body lotion is light.
We recommend that you do tests first before you start using this scrub to see how your skin reacts to the materials mentioned above. If not, repeat this treatment at least 2-3 times a month to see the changes that you want.

How to Easily Get Trophy Clash of clans Online android, iOS

How to Easily Get Trophy COC. For those of you players expert and has a level of Town Hall 6 and above certainly is not confusing and more about Trophy as could be said to be not so important anymore, but certainly not all felt that way because of new entrants or even expert though there are those who require it.

Actually Trophy on Hack Clash Of Clans Online cheats  more flavorful than the mere prestige other things, the article by gathering the most automated Trophy also skeletonize keperingkat position towards the top and certainly quite proud to be able to be the best both a local and global arena.

tropy coc

How to Quickly Get Tropy Clash of clans online

But certainly not because of prestige only, since collecting Trophy has its advantages as well as to unlock the bonuses are available in several achievment as well as gems for free or free of charge.

Yes you can collect a lot of gems to only collect Trophy which has been available in achievement with your Trophy sufficient condition. Some examples that you can use as a reference the achievement Sweet Victory.

Not quite up there to collect a lot of your Trophy also benefited from the bonus amount of loot you get, of course, with a note if you are the higher league then loot that will be occupied also more and more.

So actually how to quickly collect Trophy coc?

But before going on to how easy it is certainly admin here want to remind beforehand so that more and more trophy league level is also higher and it would also be an impact to your opponent who will also get tough enemies.

Well for those who can not wait the following we present how easy it is according to the pro players more experience.

How to Easily Collect Trophy COC

The first step you should consider that with regard to the use troops. The reason to have the Trophy easily and quickly be well with the troops sooner in their training.

As a suggestion it helps you use that combined with the barbarian archer or minion. It is true that the above forces tend to be weak, but returned to the original purpose which collects trophy that became the initial basis of speed in attack and continue.

Selanjut tactics both by choosing the target of attacks in a mature, so in this case it helps you do the target to the Town Hall in advance because when the TH you destroyed at least have gained 50% in total.

The third step is by doing one powerful way that Revenge against opponents who have previously been in touch (attack) to your base. And do not forget to the last moments that by continuing to upgrade to a maximum in order to maximize and strengthen the base defense (defense) you.

Of course it can not be underestimated because when your opponent attacks your base and it has failed because your defense so strong then the bonus trophy will be yours.

Well just like that ?, yes it can be quite simple and almost all of the players also have to do it, but again, this article is just one part reference solely to further finalize and maximize your COC base strategy. See a collection of base coc 8 th and 9 th best coc base in the previous article.

Can BREAST MILK in the first 6 months of Lower risk of Child Behavior Disorders Subject



Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for infants. Not just for health physically, recent studies have revealed that breast feeding exclusively in the first six months also helps nourish the psychic children.

Yes, research conducted by the Human Science Research Council in South Africa mentioned that infants fed BREAST MILK in the first six months of lower risk to have behavior problems when they grow up. Thus, the Mirror quoted from Wednesday (22/6/2016)

Read also: study: premature babies who drank BREAST MILK Had a stronger Heart

In addition, the researchers also found that breast feeding influence on social development and better decision making in children as adults.

“The duration of breastfeeding babies exclusively turns out to have a benefit greater than previously known, including on his behavior. The risk of the child having aggressive behavior and lower self-esteem, “researchers imbuh Tamsen Rochat.

Added by Peter Singer of Grand Challenges Canada, that breastfeeding can be considered as a first step parents in developing a child’s positive behaviors.

uk Know treatments given to premature babies

uk Know treatments given to premature babies

When the mother gave birth prematurely i.e. when content under age 38 weeks, there is special care received the baby. What kind of treatments are generally given to premature babies?

Rev. Dr. Prasmusinto Resin is disclosed from the Cipto Mangunkusumo HOSPITAL, generally a newborn baby born prematurely will be placed into an incubator to keep baby’s environment. Moreover, infants susceptible preamtur hypothermia.

“There is no other function when the baby is put into an incubator. Just to keep the baby’s body temperature and also prevent infection, “said Dr. Resin in the discussions with detikHealth.

Quoted from ««Babycenter, baby born under gestational age of 27 weeks and he needs to be treated in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). There, the baby’s body temperature remained guarded as he is at high risk of experiencing hypothermia. Baby ever need dekstrosa to prevent hypoglycemia (blood sugar levels in the body are too low).

In addition, babies born below the age of 27 weeks content also susceptible of low blood pressure, infection, and need help to breathe. Meanwhile, in infants who were born in the age of the content of 28-31 weeks, his condition is stronger than babies born below the age of 27 weeks. However, he remained at risk of experiencing hypothermia, hypoglycemia, and infections. So, the baby could still need care in the NICU.
What if the baby is born in the age of the contents of 32-33 weeks? Well, generally a newborn still has problems breathing, eating, and the risk of infection so that he or she requires special care. Though, the baby could have lived one room with the mother. Another case when the baby is born at 34-36 weeks of pregnancy. Even though it looks small but he likely does not need any treatment and could directly in one room with the mother.

Don’t forget the importance of giving BREAST MILK in premature babies that in fact experienced a higher risk of infection. As is known, ASI can give added protection in infants through the nutrients they contain. Although, in some premature babies like BREAST MILK intake granting could be provided through tools packed in the form of hose.

The question of the health of babies born prematurely, Dr. Rashid Yusfa SpOG of RSIA YPK Standalone says essentially the condition of all the baby hanging with the facilities at the hospital, treatment before birth, and the growth of babies during pregnancy.

“Meanwhile, the most frequent complications experienced premature babies is failing breath and infection then he requires a ventilator or the breath of that cost is relatively expensive and is sometimes used in a long time,” said dr Yusfa.

New Long Hairstyle For Man 2016

Have long hair not only desirable women but some men also want to Have long hairstyles and fashionable. It is legitimate for men to have long hair. Currently, many long hairstyles that are intended specifically for men. Long haircuts for men and women are very different. Long haircuts for women tend to be more feminine and soft, long hair for men further highlight the masculine side.

There are several types of long haircut that suit the character of the man. Here are some types of long hairstyles for men:

  1. Model-Rambur-Man-Tail-Look-2016 Model-Rambur-Man-Tail-LookSkater boy look
    Haircut similar to this shaggy haircut is suitable for all forms of his face. The men are free to shape the style of this hair to look even better by applying hair oils or hair gel and comb it with your fingers to look presentable.
  2. Long and wavy hair
    Men who have curly or wavy hair is very suitable for long hair models guy on this one. By utilizing gel will keep your hair curly or wavy hair into a neat longer.
  3. Rockstar look
    Another alternative for men who want long hair is a model rock star look. Using a vise after shampooing can help to shape this hairstyle. Adding wax or hair gel will make the hair look neat and masculine.
  4. Man-tail look
    Having long hair for men does look cool but when the long hair that was very disturbing activities do not rush to cut it. The men can apply to man-tail look that hair looks neater and make the most attractive appearance. You do this by tying the hair backward kinds of horses.
  5. Distinguished look
    By giving effect to the parts of the long hair will make the hair models become more distinguished look cool and masculine. Apply wax or hair gel to create awake hair straight.

For some people assume that men with long hair are synonymous with bad boy or bad. However, by applying the model of a man with long hair right will change the assumption that all the offset nature of good and polite and neat appearance will make the appearance of the man is not only handsome but looks authoritative, masculine and elegant.

Best Short Hairstyles for Parties

if you are a teenager and want short hair hairstyles for a party you can choose the one that we show below.

The image you see below shows the different short hairstyles in the form of hair for a party. If we pay attention to the first woman we saw a haircut cute with her hair over her shoulders and moved from the center down. As we can see the hair as a fringe of side marking the line that exposes the face to fall to one side.

The second image shows the same style but with her hair pulled back, leaving a few strands to provide original and elegant touch to the hairstyle.

Apply a decorative element on the hair is also another option to use a good hair style for short hair to attend a party. Do end, tiara or crown, on condition that matches the color of your dress to see is a good idea to decorate the hair.

The image of the last frame shows a short wavy hair can make you look beautiful. The impeller includes several axes and raised the hairs on the back looks very pretty and intelligent.

For the use of short, curly hair, the image below is the most interesting to see the selection of the party. The large, well formed by the roots of curly hair has blonde hair perfectly adorn see this woman.

Tips for managing short curly hair for the party:

If you are looking for a short haircut looks with curly hair for a party and have fine hair, then we will detail step by step how to get curls to see the party:

  • First, it is to clean the hair to start treating curly. To do this we have to wash your hair with cold water and shampoo made with natural elements. Hot water is not recommended because it makes our hair is thin and you can not appreciate the greatness of curly hair.
  • After that, you have to dry and remove the residual water and shampoo, but trying to keep the hair wet because this way gain more volume curls and beauty. To achieve this you can resort to using a cotton towel around the hair to absorb excess water, dry completely hairless. It is not recommended to use an electric element that provides heat and hot air more than we can damage curly hair.
  • After drying, to keep moisture in the hair, we can use styling gel or cream and apply it on quite, because if we apply much hair can cause problems when making curly.
  • Using curling: First of all we must be clear about the size of the ripples we want, because there are several steps to build curly hair.

Image for Best Short Hairstyles for Partiesgaya-rambut-pendek-untuk-liburan gaya-rambut-untuk-menghadiri-pesta

Medium New Hairstyle For Chubby Face

Shoulder-length hair Model woman in the last year mostly used by women who have a round face and the results can indeed be compatible with the shape of her face, but with the proper settings of course.

Well for those of you loyal visitors who have a round face and chubby cheeks on this occasion we will share Three types of shoulder-length hair that may be suitable for women a round face look more beautiful and funny.

Four Types of Shoulder-length Hair For Round Face Women

1. Shoulder-length hair style Korea
Korean woman famous for her beauty both in terms of body shape, skin and hair styles. Even in the case of interest by women in Indonesia. Well To form women shoulder-length hair Korea many styles that can be used by women who face round. Because of the shape of the shoulder-length hair round face the beautiful woman who can look more beautiful. Here is a sample of hair.

2. Shoulder-length Hair types Blonde Bob
Blonde Bob haircut is used by many famous artists abroad. beautiful hair model is already familiar to lovers female models shoulder length hair. type of hair near the temples in model somewhat curly and pull back so the face can look more beautiful. Here is an example.

shoulder-length curls

3. Hair And Volumizing
You tell the international classroom singer Adele? With shoulder-length hair model models but in volume and curls, she looks very pretty and can amaze anyone who saw it. Hair is made of the volume of the lower side and rear and in making small curls. Here is an example of a shoulder-length hair Adele and other artists.

4. Hair Shoulder-length bangs
Women who face round also can wear bangs hairdo. Hair bangs that can be not only straight hair, curly or wavy hair can also be arranged in a ponytail. Now for more details, please note the following example.

Image for Medium Hairstyle For Chubby Facerambut poni sebahu 4 rambut poni sebahu 3 - Copy